Dr. Joep Orbons

Senior Archaeologist, Senior Specialist Geophysist, ArcheoPro (The Netherlands):

First of all, many, many thanks for organising the VA2018 symposium last week in St Petersburg. You did a marvelous job.] I have organised similar events and I know what a hell of a job it is. I had a very good time in St Petersburg, the Hermitage was even much more impressive than I expected, the Hermitage depot is a breathtaking modern building and it is an honor to have visited it.
Furthermore, the conference was a success. The level of the presentations were very good, the English translations during the presentations were very helpful understanding the content. The scientific content was exactly on my level and on my interest, just outside my knowledge so it expanded my knowledge. And that is exactly what these conferences are for.
I met some old friends again and made some new friends. And St Petersburg as a city has now arrived in my top10 of best cities in the world, Rome still being the uncontested nr 1 for me. But I did not expect such a lively city with so many good restaurants, so many beautiful parks, such clear streets and just a nice group of people.

Prof. Dr. Jörg Fassbinder

Bavarian State Dept. of Monuments and Sites (Germany):

Herewith I - including all our team and our co-authors - want to say thank You so very much for the extraordinary organization, receptions and excursions in the frame of this Year’s VA2018 conference

The same thanks to Your team and all the stuff from in and around the State Hermitage Museum.

We enjoyed the conference really a lot, not only the meeting but also the rare “free” hours in the St Petersburg city with colleagues between conferences.


Dr Paul Reilly

Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton (UK):

I write to warmly congratulate you on organising such a wonderfully stimulating meeting. The conference itself was most rewarding. I was amazed at the variety of exciting and outstanding work that I had previously not been aware of. But thank you also for the excellent reception and guided tours in The Hermitage and the visit to the special collections. I also want to thank your brilliant team of friendly helpers, organisers and the super translators.  VA2018 was a triumph that you can justly be proud of. Thanks for making it all possible.


The 3rd meeting of the specialists on virtual archaeology, who are occupied with exploring, conservation and dessemination of archaeological cultural heritage. Programme was prepared by the participants from 17 countries and 17 towns of Russian Federation. К обсуждению перспектив применения методов виртуальной археологии на земле, с воздуха и под водой активно присоединились музейные специалисты, для которых цифровое представление культурного наследия является одной из актуальных задач. Synchronised translation and online video enlarged the number of interested assistents.


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