1-3 June 2015 Saint-Petersburg (Russian Federation)

The 2nd International Conference on Virtual Archaeology (VA2015) on behalf of

the State Hermitage Museum and the Non-Commercial Partnership (ADIT) has taken place

in Saint-Petersburg (Russian Federation).More than 80 specialists arrived from 16 countries and 13 cities of Russian Federation.

The event was supported by Vladimir Potanin Foundation.


Photo by A.Terebenin


1-1      Virtual archaeology: theory and practice

Paul REILLY (University of Southampton, UK)

Putting the materials back into virtual archaeology

Ioannis LIRITZIS (University of the Aegean, Greece)

 Cyber-archaeometry from cyber-archaeology: new dynamic trends in archaeometric training and research 

Piotr KUROCZYŃSKI (Herder Institute for Historical Research on East Central Europe, Germany) 

Virtual museum of destroyed сultural heritage – 3D documentation, reconstruction and visualisation in the semantic Web 

Sorin HERMON (STARC, Cyprus)

3D archaeology: research methodology and applicability aspects - some preliminary thoughts

Vladimir OPREDELENOV (ADIT, Russian Federation)

Virtual architecture: an excursion to the past

1-2 Augmented reality in archaeology. Chair-person - A.Nikitin

Laura LONGO (Civic Museums of Florence, Italy

Browsing a stone tool: a cross-media integrated approach

Irina GREVTSOVA (University of Barcelona, Spain)

Open Air Museum educational applications: discovering archaeological heritage with mobile devices

Richard LEVY (University of Calgary, Canada)

Fort Conger, an interactive virtual world for exploring the science of the 19th century

1-3    Workshop "Interactive and Immersive technologies" Chair-persons - Alexander NIKITIN, Alexander NIKITIN Jr.

(to be continued...)